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Linear regression internals

6 minute read

Linear regression can be described as fitting a straight line through a set of given points. It is best used when you are sure that the points are laid out i...

Exploring fbprophet with stock scrips

7 minute read

Fbprophet is a time-series forecasting package open-sourced by Facebook in 2017. This is an additive model which provides intuitive input parameters, allowin...

A checklist for debugging cronjobs

1 minute read

This is a non-exhaustive list of gotchas that I’ve found myself run into time and again when I have to put a scraper or a model on a cron job. By following ...

House hunting with data

7 minute read

Back in 2013, was exactly what I wanted - an easy to navigate, color-coded rental map of places. I could consume more information without having ...

Sentiment analysis with textblob

2 minute read

Sentiment analysis is the art of training an algorithm to classify text as positive/negative. Follow along to build a basic sentiment analyser which is tr...

Your mouse and you

2 minute read

“The mouse is probably the narrowest straw you could try to suck all of human expression through.” - Joy Mountford (Head of Human Computer Interactions a...